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Energy Efficiency is part of my image.  My friends have a few descriptive terms for me such as "The insulation Guy".  They will jokingly warn people not to mention "home energy efficiency" around me unless you have a spare week to talk.  

I've built a house with my wife, Alaina, and together we are currently raising our daughter there.  It is a cozy, super insulated, and air-tight structure.  Most of my career has been in energy auditing and construction.  

I'm not a master carpenter or woodworker; however, I'm good enough to build a structure that I can then insulate.  By the way, I love insulation.  Ha!  But seriously, I do.

Most energy improvements to homes need maintenance, or replacement, eventually.  However, insulation and air-tightness, if done properly, will last the life of your home, without ever needing attention.  How cool is that?  

Hopefully I can use this website, and my YouTube channel, to share what I have learned, and what I can learn from you.  New products and techniques are constantly coming out, so let's check them out together.

David and Alaina
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